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Magnetic Filter Bar
tibe magnet, magnetic filter bar with 10000-12000gauss, ss magnetic tube, tube magnets
Horseshoe Magnet
Price:US$1.0;Productivity:2000tons/year;Min. Order:1 piece;Packing:box, carton, pallet;Transportation:by sea, by air;DeliveryDate:35-40days;PaymentTy
Magnetic Bar
Magnetic filter bar with 10000~12000gauss, it is also called tube magnets, we also supply grate magnets with some tube magnets welded.
Magnetic Drive Couplings magnet
Sm2Co17 is better than SmCo5 in all respects. Samarium Cobalt magnets are ideal component especially in chemical pump couplings
Magnetic Welding fixture
WELDING CLAMP is very helpful machinery welding .Magnetic weld holder, weld clamp, welding fixture
Magnetic Knife Bar
PMXB Magnetic knife bar can be used in kitchen as chek knife holder, knife rock, also can bu used in workshop to hold hardware parts.
Magnetic Attraction Bar
magnetic attraction bar can be used for factory .
Magnetic Sampling Probe
Price:US$15.0;Min. Order:1 PIECE;Packing:export worthy packing;Transportation:by sea,by air;DeliveryDate:10-30days;Trademark:permanent magnetic;
Grate/Grid Magnet
Grate/Grid Magnet
Price:US$15.0;Packing:export worthy packing;Transportation:by sea,by air;DeliveryDate:10-20DAYS;PaymentType:by T/T, L/C, D/P;Specification:10000-1200
Grate Magnets in Housing
Transportation:by sea,by air;
Magnetic Head Pulley
magnetic separator,
Magnetic Head Pulleys provide continuous protection against Tramp Iron contamination of both large and fine metal particles.
Alnico Horse Shoe Magnet
Price:US$1.0;Productivity:1000000pieces;Min. Order:10 pc;Packing:export worty packing;Transportation:by sea,by air;DeliveryDate:35days;PaymentType:by
Alnico Deep Pot Magnet
Alnico V magnet assembled in mild steel pot with spacer of Al or Cu, up to 250 deg C ,Surface can be red painted & Zn Ni Chrome coated,with a keeper.
Alnico Shallow Pot
Price:US$1.0;Productivity:1000000pieces;Min. Order:10 PIECE;Packing:white box, carton, pallet;Transportation:by sea,by air;DeliveryDate:35days;Tradem
Alnico V Button Magnet
Price:US$1.0;Productivity:1000000pieces;Packing:box, carton, pallet;Transportation:by sea,by air;DeliveryDate:35-40days;PaymentType:by T/T, L/C, D/P;
U-shape Cast Alnico V Button Magnet
Price:US$15.0;Productivity:1000000pieces;Min. Order:10 pc;Packing:box, carton, pallet;Transportation:by sea,by air;DeliveryDate:35-40days;Trademark:A
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